Robben zu Anderlecht


“There was no pace in our game – we must demonstrate more passion. The viewers deserve more, we must give more, we ought to have dismantled Anderlecht when they had on man less”. Arjen Robben

-Translation of photo in script –

It was a very cumbersome start of the FC Bayern in the Champions League – Arjen Robben’s statement out the finger on it.

Carlo Ancelotti supposedly was also not really satisfied after the match, but he viewed it more composed. Although, as a visitor to the stadium yesterday, I (emotionally) concur more with Robbens’s statement. I want to classify the opinion of Bayern’s coach.

Definitely, Ancelotti’s team line-up at the begin can be called “interesting”. Raised eyebrows, even before the match. My evaluation is that Carlo (perhaps correctly) had ranked Anderlecht as weaker as most of the Bundesliga clubs and therefore he tested a few things.

*James: For sure, he is a magnificent football player, but due to of his long injury break and due to the short time that he is in Munich he still was a “foreign body”. His running routes are not yet synchronized with his co-players. What he needs now is match practice and the patience from the coach, the team and the fans as well.

*Inner defense Martinez / Süle: They are two right cards, while they are defending. BUT: none of them has the ability to open the game as compared to Hummels and Boateng. This constellation distinctly slowed down resp. paralyzed the structure of the Bayern’s game. In future, Ancelotti should field at least one of the “game openers”. Boateng demonstrated how this is done magnificently with his long pass to Kimmich just before the 3:0.

By the way: As a visitor to the stadium yesterday, until now I do not yet have an answer, why Süle’s header in into the goal was not approved.

*Tolisso: He appeared unsecure, the way he was treating the ball unfortunately was reminiscence to Luis Gustavo’s style. In yesterday’s display, he will not be a reinforcement under no circumstances. Patience with him will probably be required as well.

*Thiago: at the moment he is away from his usually excellent form, as he demonstrated this during the previous season. He must and he will improve a lot during the season.

*Rafinha: Especially on the left side, he is no matching substitute for Alaba or Bernat. Hopefully, this is a temporarily very limited solution in the game of Bayern.

*Robben with his statement summarized all these “construction grounds” was Robben’s criticism: truly in part the pace was lacking. A display like this can also be called “sluggish”. Incidentally, during the press briefing Ancelotti described this as: “nothing more was required to control the opponent”. While he is correct from one angle, this is not what the viewer will enjoy.

*And now we have approached the side theatre: with an increasing success, the media is using (partly age old) statements by Lewandowski, Müller and Rummenigge, Hoeneß etc. By doing so they are creating confusion within the club and especially in the (fan) environment. The unpleasant result is a bashing against the coach, the sport director and individual players.

Personally, I am incredible happy, that I have the opportunity to watch such matches in the stadium. Therefore, I am missing out a lot on TV, which mostly is anything like unnecessary but even up to being unsavory.

However, I also have to admit, that during his substitution about a quarter of an hour before match end, his obviously displeased behavior: this was not really helpful. And even more so as otherwise he had played a good game. Did Franck not state a short while ago, that due to his age he is in need of more breaks?


Translation by Gereon Hoffmann


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